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If you already know the basics of coding and want to dig deeper — whether to just keep learning together in a relaxed environment, or perhaps to explore a potential career change — you're in the right place.

Shift_Up offers two programs designed for you:

Code Nights (free—$30/month). Join an in-person community of learners on Tuesday evenings and teach yourself with support from one of our student coaches.

Anyone may attend Code Nights once per month for free; as a paid member ($30/month), you gain weekly access and must commit to attend regularly (75+%). You also gain limited access to our online Slack community. Ready to jump in? Join the community anytime and become a Code Night Member here.

Standard Membership ($150/month) — Monday & Wednesday evenings only. Access to professional developer coaches, official Shift_Up projects, skills maps, and assessments; and full access to our online Slack community. First three classes are free (email us via form on the bottom of this page)! Ready to jump in? Join the community anytime and become a Standard Member here.

Scholarships and financial aid are available. Inquire by emailing us via form on the bottom of this page.

Shift_Up Code Nights are relaxed weekly opportunities to teach yourself to code with in-person community and student coaches.

Code Nights are every Tuesday from 6-9pm hosted at our partner, Brilliant Detroit, in Southwest Detroit (5675 Larkins St, Detroit, MI 48210). Click here for a parking map




The Shift_Up Standard Membership includes access to our 2x/week class of dedicated learners and professional developer coaches who meet regularly at the Durfee Innovation Society (2470 Collingwood Street, Detroit, MI 48206), near Detroit's Boston Edison neighborhood.

Students with a Standard Membership meet in person on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6-9pm. They receive access to Shift_Up projects, skills maps, and assessments, as well as full access to our online Slack community.

Unlike our selective Part-Time Intensive Membership, however, Standard Members do not have access to Shift_Up career services, certification, or 1:1 mentorship. Standard Members may apply to upgrade to the Part-Time Intensive Membership at any point.


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If you're ready to make a career change, check out our Part-Time Intensive Membership 

If you've never tried programming before, we encourage you to first register & attend one of our free weekly Learn to Code Intro Workshops