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If you already know the basics of coding and want to dig deeper — whether to just keep learning together in a relaxed environment, or perhaps to explore a potential career change — you're in the right place.

Shift_Up offers two programs designed for you:

  1. Code Night Membership ($30/month) — 1x/week, with student developer coaches. Anyone may attend 1x/month for free! There is no admissions process; anyone may join.

  2. Standard Membership ($150/month) — 2x/week, with junior professional developer coaches, access to Shift_Up projects, skills maps, and assessments; and full access to our online Slack community. There is no admissions process; anyone may join.

Shift_Up Code Nights are relaxed weekly opportunities to teach yourself to code with in-person community and student coaches.

Code Nights are every Tuesday from 6-9pm hosted at our partner, Brilliant Detroit, in Southwest Detroit (5675 Larkins St, Detroit, MI 48210). Click here for a parking map


Shift_Up Code Night weekly memberships are $30/month. Financial aid is available, and anyone may attend once per month for free.

Code Night memberships reflect a deeper commitment to learning, including required regular (75%+) attendance and an invitation to our 24/7 online Slack community. The Membership provides you a regular space, cohort, and accountability to learn to code with access to student coaches.



The Shift_Up Standard Membership includes access to our 2x/week class of dedicated learners and professional developer coaches who meet regularly at the Durfee Innovation Society (2470 Collingwood Street, Detroit, MI 48206), near Detroit's Boston Edison neighborhood.

Students with a Standard Membership meet in person on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6-9pm. They receive access to Shift_Up projects, skills maps, and assessments, as well as full access to our online Slack community.

The Shift_Up Standard Membership is not selective; anyone may join by purchasing a membership here for $150/month. Financial aid is available.

Unlike our selective Part-Time Intensive Membership, however, Standard Members do not have access to Shift_Up career services, certification, or 1:1 mentorship. Standard Members may apply to upgrade to the Part-Time Intensive Membership at any point.


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