Take advantage of online learning, without the isolation


Shift_Up is piloting a general co-learning membership at our new location in the Durfee Innovation Society.

The Shift_Up Co-Learning Membership, at $125/month (financial aid available), includes:

  • No attendance requirements -- attend when you want, any Tuesday or Thursday

  • Access to our co-learning community from 6-9pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays (Shift_Up may broaden these hours if the pilot goes well)

  • Access to our group coaches -- professional junior software developers -- during these hours

  • Full access to our online Slack community

The Co-Learning Membership is open to individuals learning other topics besides software development, though at this time we do not have coaches available to help you with other subjects (hopefully soon!).

The Co-Learning Membership does not include attendance accountability, access to Shift_Up projects, skills maps, assessments, career services or the opportunity to earn our certification.

To get your membership for this pilot program, please reach out directly by email to ray[at]!