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Web developer. Builder of ideas. Creator of code.

If you're ready, we'll help get you there—or rather, we'll help you get yourself there.

shhh, here's a secret

Most software developers don't have a computer science degree. Many teach themselves.

But for most people, learning to code alone is hard. It's hard to stay focused, and it's hard to get unstuck—no matter how smart or committed you are. 


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Shift_Up helps highly-motivated learners come together and teach themselves to code using curated curricula and access to professional guidance.

Shift_Up provides the backbone—the structure, accountability, and coaching—to help you succeed.


Shift_Up students also receive training in leadership, entrepreneurship, and professional skills to get a leg up pursuing their ambitions.

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We help those who are teaching themselves to code but who dislike the traditional solitary online learning experience.

Shift_Up programs include:

  1. Part-Time Intensive

  2. Code Nights (free and paid tiers)

  3. Learn to Code Intro Workshops (free)

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The Shift_Up Part-Time Intensive program is designed for highly-motivated, self-directed learners determined to launch a career in web development.

The program offers an in-person learning community that meets 4x/week with curated learning resources, group and 1:1 coaching, structure & accountability, and career services — at a fraction of the cost of comparable programs.



We help students become job-ready full-stack JavaScript developers.

You're ambitious, resourceful, and smart, but navigating the glut of online resources is still a challenge. You don't want to waste your time. And you'd rather spend the time you have with a physical community of peers and coaches ready to support you.

That's why we provide Part-Time Intensive members with access to a deep bench of professional web developers. Our coaches are dedicated to helping guide you as you teach yourself web development from a curated selection of top resources and learning paths available online. Students learn using the Udemy Web Developer Bootcamp and freeCodeCamp.

Shift_Up coaches are available on-call, either online or in-person, during all class hours. You will also be matched with a coach to build a 1:1 mentoring relationship through weekly check-ins and goal setting, personalized according to your individual needs and aspirations.

Part-Time Intensive members also gain access to our network of regional and national employer partners. While we don't (yet) guarantee interviews for graduates, we can guarantee that we'll open the door — so your application doesn't get lost in a black box.



Our program meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, 6:15-9:15pm, and Saturday all day, 9am-5pm, at TechTown Detroit. Students are expected to code a minimum of 1 hour per day outside of class.

Shift_Up classes blend individual, self-paced learning with time for projects and pair programming. Students also undergo personal, professional, and leadership development during a specialized curriculum offered on Saturdays.

Shift_Up students are allowed up to two excused absences and two unexcused absences per month.

We expect students will be ready for entry-level jobs in 6-9 months, on average, though there is no specific end date to our program, as students progress at their own pace.

Stay tuned for our next cohort launch! If you are interested in learning more, please submit your information using the form at the bottom of the page.



The Part-Time Intensive program is selective.

  1. Attend at least one Shift_Up Code Night (required) and complete the HTML & CSS portions of freeCodeCamp (suggested)

  2. Build a basic webpage on GitHub Pages that will serve as the core of your application (required)

  3. Attend an in-person or phone interview (required)

Not what you're looking for? 

If you're brand-new to programming, we encourage you to register for one of our free Learn to Code Intro Workshops.

After that — or if you already have some background in programming — you can join us at our Code Nights. These relaxed gatherings are ideal for those exploring if coding is for them or those trying to add skills without the need for intensive learning.

You may attend one Code Night per month for free, but if you want to attend weekly, you'll need to upgrade to a membership (not selective), currently on sale for $30/month. Scholarships are available.

Want to learn more?

Let us know below, and we'll be in touch soon!

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