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Build in-demand skills with community and expert support,
then get the job you want through our employer network!
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We believe that every person deserves an effective and affordable education.
What is a Learning Gym?

The middle path between learning alone and an intensive bootcamp

We are a tech training program that allows you to build skills on your schedule or in a class with:
  • Expert Mentorship
  • Robust Community
  • Learning Roadmap
  • Access to Employers

Choose a Skill Area

At Shift_Up, we know that choosing your career is sacred.
Become a Shift_Up member to help decide what you want to learn next or choose a specific skill you want to pursue and jumpstart your career!

"I signed up to learn a skill, but I found myself staying for the experience. The Shift_Up community is powerful — you won’t find that everywhere."

Kristen B. 
Shift_Up Member
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How It Works

  • 1
    Explore your future
    Shift_Up hosts weekly events and provides access to professionals in different areas to help you learn about new careers. Goals ✅
  • 2
    Build the skills
    Building skills requires good content, expert advice, and focused time. Get the best learning content from across the internet with office hours with expert coaches to help when you get stuck. Growth 💪
  • 3
    Grow with a personal success team
    Get a personal trainer to stay accountable, an expert mentor to provide real-world context and support, and work with peers to help build knowledge. Teamwork 👐
  • 4
    Level up your career
    Access an exclusive employer network from Shift_Up and get a referral with the Shift_Up stamp of approval. Success 💥