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Get certified in as quickly as 6 weeks

The ShiftUp IT Career FastTrack helps smart, driven, and self-directed adults land new careers in IT. Start now and become an IT support specialist:

- $45,800 average entry-level salary¹
- 340,500 U.S. job openings

Choose your full-time or part-time study commitment, get learning, and complete in 6-24 weeks!

Upcoming start dates:
- Anytime (1:1 Mentored Learning)


Expert-Designed Curriculum

Learn from the best. Train with curriculum designed by Google, preparing you for the CompTIA A+ Certification, the industry-standard credential. Labs, demos, and more.


Self-Paced with
Expert 1:1 Support

Support to fit your schedule. Combine the best of self-paced flexibility with the structure, support, and community from expert 1:1 mentorship and peer study groups.


Self-Paced with
Expert 1:1 Support

Support to fit your schedule. Combine the best of self-paced flexibility with the structure, support, and community from expert 1:1 mentorship and peer study groups.


Job Prep and Employer Network

We'll prepare you not just for your exam, but also for your new career. Job prep and leadership training is part of the deal—along with job placement help for graduates.

What You'll Learn

Everything you need to pass the CompTIA A+ industry exam, and more

Meet Your Coaches

Robert Martin is the Director of Network Engineering at Achievement First, a national network of public charter schools. Rob has 14+ years experience in IT as well as experience teaching IT training courses.

Bridgett Wiggins is a Windows Remote Engineer with six years experience in IT support roles.


See what people are saying
"ShiftUp has been an invaluable resource for me in launching my tech career. Between the coaching, job network, and certificate programs, it has everything you'll need."

Khari W.

New role: PC Technician
Previous role: Warehouse Team Lead

"Shift_Up has given my life a new, purposeful direction. My mentors are professionals, yet so open and enthusiastic."

Maureen Laneski

Current Shift_Up Student

"A great introduction to the world of IT. The program walks you through hardware, networking, and software topics with real world experience in an engaging and insightful fashion."

Tim Ferris

Current role: Junior Developer and IT Specialist
Former role: Grocery clerk


Should I apply?


The IT Career FastTrack is for those 18 and older who are driven, proactive, and ready to start an IT career.

We combine the best of 1:1, professional mentorship and peer support groups with self-paced online learning—a modern design that keeps prices affordable and saves you time.

If you like learning at your own pace yet value having support, accountability, expert mentors ready to assist, and employer access to help you land a job—our program IS for you.

What does it cost?


$5000. This includes your CompTIA A+ exam vouchers, curriculum license, and paid Micro-Internship! Limited scholarships available on a case-by-case basis.

***NOTE*** If you live in Michigan or New Jersey, the state government may pay your entire tuition. If you are eligible and admitted, there is no cost to you, no strings attached!

Please submit your FastTrack interest form above as your first step.

Are there payment plan options available?


Yes! Payment plans are available. We keep prices as low as possible, but we understand not everyone can afford upfront tuition at this time.

What is the time commitment?


You must commit at least 10-15 hours per week for part-time study or 20-30+ hours per week for full-time study.

Part-time students have a maximum of 12 weeks to complete the program, but some may finish in as soon as six weeks (the program is partly self-paced). Full-time students have a maximum of 24 weeks to finish.

What is the 1:1 mentored learning experience like?


The FastTrack program uses a "flipped classroom" model that blends the best of flexible, convenient self-paced learning with expert-led 1:1 mentorship and support.

You will learn from videos, readings, and virtual labs at your own pace as homework during the week via online course modules. You'll meet virtually with your 1:1 mentor 1-2x per week for personalized technical and career coaching and also check-in weekly with an assigned Success Coach to ensure you stay on track.

In addition, you can even take advantage of optional weekly tutoring hours and join a peer study group for extra camaraderie and support, if you wish!

Is this a fully online program?


Yes. You will need your laptop and access to strong (recommended at or above 10 Mbps) internet speed.

What is ShiftUp?


ShiftUp is on a mission to provide accessible, efficient, and effective training for all. We've helped hundreds of adult learners build in-demand digital skills and are proud that over 90% of our students recommend our programs to others.

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¹Source:, Help Desk Tier 1 Specialist